Nailing It: Expert Tips for Stronger, Healthier Nails

Nailing It: Expert Tips for Stronger, Healthier Nails

Having strong, healthy nails isn't just a dream; it's entirely within reach with the right habits and products. Weak, brittle nails can be frustrating, but understanding the causes and making lifestyle tweaks can help you achieve nails that you'll be proud to flaunt.

What Causes Weak Nails?

Our nails are made of layers of keratin, a protein also found in our hair and skin. As we age, the production of keratin slows down, leading to weakened, dry, and dull nails. Exposure to elements like extreme cold, excessive hand-washing, and contact with chemicals can also damage nails, making them dry and more prone to breakage.

Tips to Strengthen Your Nails (Beyond Products)

  • Hydrate Regularly: Moisturize nails and surrounding skin with a nourishing hand cream to lock in moisture. Consider using a cuticle oil, such as Kure Bazaar's Organic Rose Oil, to repair and nourish weak nails effectively.
  • Maintain Shorter Nails: Longer nails are more prone to breakage. Keep nails short to minimize breakage while they regain strength.
  • File with Care: Use a soft nail file like our Harbor Bridge Buffer, filing in one direction to avoid tears that may lead to peeling.
  • Opt for Acetone-Free Removers: Harsh chemicals in nail polish removers can dry out nails. Choose a gentle remover like Kure Bazaar's 100% Natural Rose-Infused Oil Based Remover to protect your nails.
  • Limit Hand Sanitizer Use: Alcohol-based sanitizers can dehydrate nails. Use sparingly and moisturize hands after use.
  • Balanced Diet and Hydration: Ensure your diet includes enough protein, calcium, and biotin-rich foods to promote nail health. Stay hydrated to prevent brittle nails.
  • Avoid Using Nails as Tools: Using nails to open items or pick at surfaces can weaken and damage them. Use appropriate tools instead.
  • Consider Biotin Supplements: Consult with a healthcare professional before taking supplements like biotin for nail health.

Kure Bazaar Products to Strengthen Nails

  • Organic Rose Oil: Infused with rose petals and macerate, this cuticle oil hydrates and nourishes weak nails effectively.
  • 100% Natural Rose-Infused Oil Based Remover: Free from harsh chemicals, this remover protects nails and skin while efficiently removing nail polish.
  • Silicon Super Base: This base coat containing silica, bamboo extract, and vitamin E helps repair and protect damaged nails.
  • Manicure Ritual: An all-in-one kit including a glove with hand cream, nail file, and cuticle pusher, specially designed to repair and protect hand skin.

When to Seek Professional Help

If lifestyle changes and product use don't improve your nail health, consider consulting a dermatologist. Underlying health issues like iron deficiency, hypothyroidism, or other conditions might be affecting nail strength.


Stronger, healthier nails are achievable with conscious lifestyle changes and the right products. Kure Bazaar's range offers effective solutions to repair and strengthen weakened nails, along with practical tips to support your nail health journey. Incorporate these practices into your routine to see remarkable improvements in your nail strength and appearance.

Remember, consistent care and attention will help you achieve nails you'll love to show off.

When it comes to maintaining strong and healthy nails, paying attention to the products you use plays a crucial role. One notable addition to your nail care routine is the Bubble Vvee nail polish by Kure Bazaar. More than just a sheer, ultra-glossy pink nail polish, it doubles up as a treatment to nourish your nails directly without the need for a base coat.

What makes the Bubble Vvee stand out is its unique formula enriched with sesame oil. This potent ingredient works wonders in nurturing and revitalizing your nails while adding a touch of sophisticated color. Not only does this polish provide a subtle and elegant pink hue, but it also offers a therapeutic benefit to your nails.

Applying the Bubble Vvee polish by Kure Bazaar regularly infuses your nails with the goodness of sesame oil, known for its hydrating and strengthening properties. By skipping the base coat and opting for this treatment-like polish, you're actively nurturing your nails while giving them a delightful shade.

Remember, strong and healthy nails are not just about avoiding harmful products; they're also about incorporating nourishing treatments like Kure Bazaar's Bubble Vvee into your nail care routine. Prioritizing the health of your nails while enjoying a touch of color is a win-win situation for your overall nail strength and appearance.

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